We pack all your packages

It’s one thing to take everything apart to move it, but it’s another thing entirely to put everything back together after you’ve arrived at your new home. While you’re preparing for your move, start thinking about all the smaller details and who you have on-hand to handle it all. If you’re coming up blank, you’re not alone. Luckily, Move On offers full assembly moving services for just about everything in your move.

With us your move will be safe

From your furniture to your desks, equipment setups and beyond, we help both homeowners and business owners alike put their lives back together after a move. Your couch won’t be missing a leg, and your computers won’t have any miscellaneous wires. Everything stays together and is properly assembled when you turn to Move On.

Our professionals will be waiting for you

With more than five years in the moving industry, we’ve handled it all. Assembly, disassembly, rearranging, and unpacking, we can handle whatever it is you need to make your move easier and more manageable. Get in touch with our moving company now to learn more and receive your price estimate.