Whether you’re heading to a new house across town or your business is getting an upgrade as it expands, we are the residential and commercial movers to help make it happen. 

With more than five years of experience in the moving industry, we proudly offer assembly, packing, and white glove delivery to those who need a moving company that will go above and beyond. Get in touch now to learn more about our full-service moving company and receive a price estimate.

Move On! We are a residential and commercial moving service in Miami

Miami Moving Company

We are a moving company in Miami that covers a wide coverage in any part of Florida; we have everything you need to make your moves, you will have a team of professionals that will help you make any move.

Miami-Dade Moving Company

We offer you a complete moving service for the entire Miami-Dade region in Miami, Florida. We have everything you need for your moves and our service is 100% quality and with excellent customer service.

Brickell City Center Moving Company

We have moving service coverage in Brickell City Center, our services cover a wide area throughout the region of Miami, Florida. We have all the infrastructure you need to perform any relocation, move or freight.

Downtown Miami Moving Company

We provide moving service in Downtown Miami and throughout the Miami, Florida region. We offer you all the tools you need to carry out your move, as well as a team of professionals who will take care of you.

Broward Moving Company

Our agency offers you a complete moving service in Broward, so you can make your moves safely with our team of professionals.

We also have movers in all of Miami, Florida.

Downtown Doral Moving Company

If you need a moving service in Downtown Doral, we are the right people to offer you this job. We offer coverage throughout the Miami region and even the entire state of Florida. We have a complete infrastructure and a team of professionals that will take care of the whole process.

Aventura Moving Company

We offer a complete moving service in Aventura, where you can make your moves safely with our team of professionals. We also have movers all over Miami, Florida.

Sunny Isles Moving Company

Looking to move to Sunny Isles? We are the right people to offer you this job. We offer complete moving logistics throughout the Miami region, and even throughout the entire state of Florida.


Your future starts with your move today. Allow us to be the ones to set you up for success. Our professionally licensed and fully insured moving company is focused on delivering cost-effective residential and commercial moving services that can bring you the highest levels of satisfaction. From Miami-Dade to Broward counties, we promise to help you get where you need to go.

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Miami Packing Services

We have excellent moving services in Miami. We assure you a quality service that offers speed and safety for your moves or relocations throughout Miami, Florida.

Miami-Dade Packing Services

Our Miami-Dade moving service gives you the security and confidence you deserve. We offer fast service so that your movers and relocations arrive safely and in the shortest time possible.

Brickell City Center Packing Services

We possess extensive experience in safe and quality moving services. We are experts in moving, relocation, moving and freight anywhere in Miami.

Downtown Miami Services

Our company is characterized by the extensive experience we have in high quality and safe relocations throughout Miami, Florida. We facilitate your moves in Design District, offering confidence and peace of mind to all our customers.

Downtown Doral Packing Services

If you are looking for confidence and security for your Downtown Doral movers you are in the right place. Our team of professionals specializes in efficient relocations and movers covering all of Miami, Florida.

Broward Packing Services

Our company has helped hundreds of people get peace of mind and confidence in one place. We have an effective and efficient moving, moving or freight service.

Aventura Packing Services

Do you need a complete moving service? We are here for whatever you need in terms of moving services throughout Miami. We have a complete team of professionals that will take care of you and give you the best attention.

Sunny Isles Packing Services

We provide you with everything you are looking for to move to Sunny Isles, we offer moving coverage in the entire region of Miami, Florida. We take care of offering you the best attention and security so you can move with the best equipment.


Looking for a one-stop shop for all your packing and moving needs in the Miami-Dade area? Look no further than Move On! If you just need a mover, we can do that! If you feel like being even more hands-off, we can pack, unpack, and assemble furniture as part of our full-service moving offerings as well.

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Professional Packers Movers in Miami

We possess an incredible group of experts that will help and advise you on everything related to your move or relocation in Florida. You can find the best freight services here.

Professional Packers Movers in Miami-Dade

We are one of the best moving companies in all of Miami, Florida. Let your moving and freight travel in the hands of professionals. We offer safe and high quality services for your moves.

Professional Packers Movers in Brickell City Center

For years we have been characterized by offering services that generate confidence and security to our customers. You can find the best moving services in Florida here.

Professional Packers Movers in Downtown Miami

With our freight and moving services you minimize risks and guarantee a quality and safe service for your most precious goods. We have a group of professionals that ensure a safe trip for a perfect move.

Professional Packers Movers in Downtown Doral

We are a company with a wide experience in freight service in Miami. We also have moving services so you can make your moves to any part of Miami, Florida.

Professional Packers Movers in Broward

We provide everything you need for freight service in Doral, we also do moving and relocation. You will have a team that will be in charge of offering you the best service.

Professional Packers Movers in Aventura

We have moving service to any state, in order to guarantee the best security for your move.

Professional Packers Movers in Sunny Isles

We provide the best attention and also a cheap and economic moving service in Sunny Isles and all Miami, Florida. You will be able to count on our logistic team to make any kind of move.