Stages of a move with Move on Group

Stages of a move with Move on Group

As most of us know moving is not just about packing and transporting, it is a huge profession which includes seven incredible steps, which cannot be omitted when carrying out the moving service.

From packing to assembling your furniture, the key to a successful move is Move on Group.

Step 1: Reception

We have a great staff to manage the customer-company relationship, we listen to you, guide you and orientate you on our various moving services.

Our consultants listen to you, advise you, set a price based on the move, answer any questions you may have, and also intervene in the process of your move.

We are very involved in satisfying your requests and needs, our advisors offer you the best solutions to meet your needs and at the same time offer you the best moving service.

Step 2: The visit and the interview

The next step is to visit your home or office, our team will explain in detail our intervention in this process. Something we make very clear is that not all moving processes are the same, but our main objective is to take care of each of your belongings.

This visit allows us to evaluate the conditions of your removal and offer you the best service, the one that best suits you. We assess how much material we will need to pack your goods and furniture.

This visit also allows us to see how difficult it will be to get in and out of your property.

Step 3: Our prices and services

The rates we offer you in our moving company, are always adapted to your needs, according to the characteristics of the move, the period of time of the move and the value of your belongings.

Our company offers you the best service at an excellent price.

Step 4: Packing and loading

When packing we make sure to take care of your belongings, taking care of every valuable object, making this experience safe and efficient.

Move on Group takes care of your belongings at all times, to avoid accidents, we have a highly professional team to take care of each of your belongings and avoid accidents.

Step 5: The journey

We ensure a fast and safe journey, without any stops, ensuring an efficient journey.

We respect the traffic signs, the proper use of the lanes and in a short time. We ensure the delivery of your belongings in the best conditions.

Step 6: unloading and unpacking

After arriving at our destination, your new home or your new office, don’t think that this is the end of our work, no, there is still the important part, the unloading and unpacking.

The same team of professionals that packs and loads, unloads and unpacks, assuring you the same quality of work.

Step 7: Assembly

Now we have reached the final step, your move is almost ready, the only thing missing is the assembly of your furniture and this is one of the things that makes us the best in our job.

When you hire us, you won’t need to assemble and position everything, we do it for you without any inconvenience.

Move on Group assures you the best moving service in Miami, backed by our 5 years of experience.

Contact us and you will have the best move of your life.