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We know that making the decision to move to Miami is not an easy one, especially with the many neighborhoods and suburbs that Miami-Dade County has to offer. Each of the communities that make up Miami has different characteristics that make them unique neighborhoods.

So if you are thinking of moving to Miami, you should get to know each of the neighborhoods that are present here. Such is the case of Brickell City Center.

Living in Brickell City Center


Brickell is an incredible residential neighborhood that is part of downtown Miami, also known as the main financial district of Miami and South Florida.

It is densely populated (its population is around 35,000 inhabitants) mostly by young professionals and businessmen who want to grow in the workplace. Although it also has a lot of retirees and families with children.



This neighborhood has been characterized by its numerous office buildings, high-rise condominiums and incredible skyscrapers, and is also home to a large number of Florida’s banking institutions and foreign consulates.

Brickell is a bustling, vibrant and electric neighborhood, perfect for those who want to live their day-to-day lives in a lively atmosphere.

Its bustling streets, gleaming offices and fast pace of life give the Brickell neighborhood a resemblance to New York City.

This neighborhood is also very pedestrian friendly so it is common to see many locals walking, biking or riding public transportation.

Moving and living in Brickell means being within walking distance to multiple restaurants, stores, bar or entertainment venues in general, this is one of the most attractive features of Brickell. Be sure to hire a white glove delivery service to relax while your belongings are safe.

Just because Brickell is located in downtown Miami does not mean that it is plagued by crime. In fact, it is one of the safest neighborhoods in Florida and the crime rate in this beautiful neighborhood is 25% lower than the U.S. average.

Attractive Things to Do in Brickell


Because of Brickell’s lively day and night life, there is plenty to do and visit in this spectacular neighborhood.

From shopping, strolling, going to the beach or going out to enjoy the late night bars. Some of the best places to visit in Brickell are:

Brickell City Center:

Right in the heart of Brickell City Center you will be able to locate Brickell’s main and mind-blowing attraction: The Brickell City Center.

A beautiful and impeccable retail center where an extensive diversity of stores and restaurants meet. This complex is referred to as a “city within a city”.

In this grandiose place you can find clothing, beauty, jewelry or home décor stores. In addition to multiple restaurants serving everything from sushi to vegan food.

The amenities and luxury of this resort are truly impressive.

Mary Brickell Village:

This elegant and sophisticated complex brings together a variety of Brickell’s stores and restaurants. Here you will find a number of boutiques and restaurants to suit all tastes.

From Italian food to a simple burger, at Mary Brickell Village you’ll discover a spectacular array of dining styles.

Here you can not only shop for clothing or food, but also enjoy numerous events that come to life in these facilities throughout the year.

Hammock Simpson Park:

Although Brickell is a city dominated by skyscrapers and buildings, it also has parks where the only protagonist is nature.

Such is the case of Hamaca Simpson Park, a small park full of green areas and spaces perfect for walks alone or with the family. It is a beautiful place where you can hide from the Miami sun and relax sitting on a small bench.

Rooftop Soccer:

Despite not having large fields or stadiums to play soccer, in Brickell they have managed not to leave this great sport aside.

The Soccer Rooftop is exactly what its name suggests: a soccer field on a rooftop. This spectacular space is equipped with padded walls, lighted fields, locker rooms, showers and artificial turf.

They have a soccer program aimed at children, so you can enjoy this activity alone or with your family.

Want to move to Brickell?


Moving to Brickell is a dream comes true for many people. Its eye-catching attractions, incredible weather and great location bring incredible value to the entire city.

Moving to Brickell has never been easier with our moving and relocation service. Leave all the complex hustle and bustle of moving to a new city to the professionals.



For an excellent move to Brickell City Center areas do not hesitate to contact professionals who will provide you with all the advice and knowledge you need to consider when moving to downtown Miami.

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