Here’s how the move works without any problems

Here’s how the move works without any problems

We have tips and tricks that will be of great help when it comes to moving, freeing you from stress and problems.

In Move on Group we take care of this process freeing you from stress and turning it into a nice memory for you.

Request for resubmission and indication of relocation

Make arrangements to send your application in time and register yourself and your children at the most important offices at an early stage.

Not only should you notify the bank, contractual partners and insurance companies of your new address, you should also inform the school or kindergarten.

Organisation of the move

If you have taken care of the necessary applications, you can now start with the general application for the move.

You need to set a time frame for the moving process and that is where we come in as your best option.

We are the best choice for the move to your new home, we have everything you need to make this process in a structured, fast and safe way.

Childcare during the move

Don’t worry about who will take care of your children during the moving process, because you will do that, we have a highly professional team, who are trained to do an excellent job.

From packing to unpacking and organizing your property, we do it all, you just have to relax and take care of your children, while we do our job.

Cleaning the new home

New home cleaning! Don’t worry about that, we also do the cleaning work for your new home.

Before unpacking and assembling your real estate we do a cleaning so that your new home is in perfect habitable condition for you.

Inventory list


It is very important for us that before starting the moving process, you give us a list with a general description of your belongings in order to avoid confusion and bad moments at the beginning of the process.

The most important thing for the transition

What is most important in this process is to enjoy it and not to see it as leaving home, but to see it as a new beginning, as a new adventure in your life.

It is also important to organise things that you may need during the moving process, for example; clothes, children’s toys, books, charger for your phone or tablet and things that will be useful in this process.


Remember that this place will be your new home, for you and your family. You should adapt to it in a safe and relaxed way so that you can transmit good vibes to your children and they will also adapt to the new home.

It is a good idea to socialise with your neighbours and ask them to help you get to know the area to help you integrate.

In Move on Group we help and advise you to make this process an unforgettable and wonderful moment, thanks to our highly professional team we will make this move wonderful.