¿When should I hire moving companies?

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Summer moving season has arrived, when most moves and relocations occur. This year, it has posed some unique challenges, including unprecedented supply chain disruptions, labor shortages and increased customer demand. Depending on where and when you plan to move, this may affect your scheduling options and lead times. It also may not.

As always, our goal is to take on all the heavy lifting to provide the best moving experience possible, with minimal frustration and maximum speed and efficiency. The following guidelines offer ways we can work together to make this happen.


How far in advance should I hire movers?

The availability of professional movers depends on many factors, including market availability; where you are moving to and from; and the time of year you are moving.


Especially during the summer moving season, May through September, we suggest booking as far in advance as possible.


¿Why should I book my move in advance?

Both you and your mover need time to carefully plan and carry out your move so that everything goes smoothly. As soon as you can, start researching different movers and the types of services that best suit your needs. The more time and preparation you can devote to yourself, your loved ones and the movers, the less stress you will experience during the entire moving journey.

Flexibility is important, especially during the 2021 summer season. If you can’t get your preferred moving date, check out these tips.


When should I book my move?

This depends a lot on where you plan to move to. Some areas of the country are not affected at all by logistical and capacity challenges, while others are. Our best advice? Book your moving date in advance. Do you have flexibility? Please book in advance anyway. This will ensure that we provide the level of service you expect.


That said, here are some general guidelines based on the different types of moves:


Interstate moves:

If you are moving to a different state or across the country during the summer season, you will want to book well in advance of your move date. Even during less busy times of the year, it’s always a good idea to book your move date in advance.

Spend some time researching online to find a reputable and experienced interstate moving company. Local moving companies may not always be able to perform interstate moves. This is because any move that involves crossing a state line must follow U.S. federal laws and regulations, including licensing requirements, to help protect consumers before, during and after their relocations.


Intrastate moves:

If you are moving to a different city within your state, book early during the summer season. As with other types of moves, it is best to secure a move date with a potential intrastate move as far in advance as possible.


Local Moves:

Moving a short distance and within the same state still needs a fair amount of advance planning. Ideally, and especially in the summer season, we recommend contacting potential local movers well in advance.


International moves:

Moving overseas can be a complex and challenging process involving special documentation, shipping logistics, and customs clearance and paperwork. If your move is work-related, talk to your employer, as they may have relocation specialists on staff. If you are moving on your own, you will want to find a qualified and reliable international moving company as far in advance as possible.


We hope you find these guidelines helpful as we navigate the 2021 moving season together. We will provide updates on conditions and timelines as they evolve. In the meantime, our blog is full of helpful moving checklists and tips to streamline and take the stress out of the moving experience.


If you’re looking for a professional moving service in Florida, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be there to help you through the entire process of your move.